Breath Testing Is Quick and Cheap

Breath Testing Is Quick and Cheap

DWI Trial Techniques – Cross Examination of the Breath Test Operator

The idea is to point out that breath testing is quick and cheap, and lacks the accuracy of blood testing. This sets up a closing argument that your client was not given the option of the more accurate test due to time and cost. This is an approach Dallas Attorney Gary Redman often uses with great success.

Q: A breath test is not the only way to test a person’s alcohol level, is it?
Q: You could test a person’s urine?
Q: You could have drawn blood?
Q: A qualified technician would have to draw the blood?
Q: Or a nurse?
Q: The blood would then be sent to a laboratory?
Q: Another qualified person would test the blood?
Q: This is a very accurate way of testing a person’s blood alcohol concentration?
Q: It is the ONLY way to accurately test a person’s BLOOD alcohol concentration?
Q: A blood test is not cheap, is it?
Q: You have to wait for a blood test result, right?
Q: It could take weeks to get the result back?
Q: It’s not quick, is it?
Q: Another way to test a person’s alcohol level is to use a breath test?
Q: With a breath test, you get a result right then?
Q: A subject blows into the machine?
Q: The machine gives a result?
Q: This is a lot quicker than a blood test?
Q: With a breath test, you get the results immediately?
Q: You don’t have to wait weeks?
Q: Which test is the cheapest to administer?
Q: And breath is by far the quickest to administer, correct?
Q: The machine that analyzes blood costs about $100,000?
Q: The cost of a breath test machine is about $6000?

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