Dallas County

Why was Johnny Manziel’s case presented to the Dallas Grand Jury?

Johnny Manziel is accused of kidnapping, hitting and threatening to kill his ex girlfriend Colleen Crowley.  Sure, these allegations are real bad.   A man “hitting” a woman should not ever be tolerated. But, are the allegations true? I question Colleen’s allegations simply because of how the Dallas Police handled the matter.  It should not be difficult […]

Breath Testing Is Quick and Cheap

The idea here is to point out that breath testing is quick and cheap but lacks the accuracy of blood testing. This sets up a closing argument that your client was not given the option of the more accurate test due to cost. This is an approach Dallas attorney Gary Redman often uses with great success.

Open Carry Laws in Texas

Don’t be surprised when you notice the person next to you at Starbucks openly “packing heat!”