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Family Violence is Domestic Battery or Assault

Family violence charges can quickly ruin reputations and tear families apart. If you are arrested for family violence assault, a temporary protective order is typically given to you before you leave jail.  This order can prevent you from going near your own home or loved ones. Immediately contacting a domestic violence attorney is critical.

Gary Redman has 15 years experience handling family violence cases.  Gary has practiced with former criminal judge David Finn since 2002. David Finn presided over family violence cases in Dallas County. Gary has defended many cases with David Finn, learning invaluable skills that have enabled Gary to be one of the most sought after domestic violence attorneys in Dallas.

Only The Prosecutor Can Dismiss The Case – Not The Victim

After someone is arrested for family violence, the family member who made the accusation does not have the ability to dismiss the charges. Nor is it their option to “press charges.” Once arrested, these decisions are entirely in the hands of the police department to file the case and district attorney to dismiss the charge.

More Than Just Families

Family Violence does not only involve “Families.”  Most people mistakenly believe assault family violence only involves spouses or other relatives.  However, in Texas family violence can apply to people in a dating relationship, distant relatives, and even roommates.

If you have been arrested or charged with Family Violence in Dallas or North Texas, you should contact attorney Gary Redman as soon as possible to begin planning your defense.

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