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Federal Charges are Much Different Than State Charges

Most people feel they know how the Texas “State” criminal justice system works. Whether they’ve experienced state charges, witnessed another go through the state system, or as depicted on TV.  The Federal system is much different.

The Prosecutors

Assistant United States Attorneys are prosecutors in the federal system.  US Attorneys tend to have fewer cases than state prosecutors.  In state court, the police department investigates an allegation of criminal activity and determines whether to file a case.  Typically, the state prosecutor gets the case after you’ve been arrested and informed of the charges.  US Attorneys tend to spend a great deal of time building a case against you before you are even charged with an offense, and often before you know you are a target of an investigation. The US Attorney decides whether to charge an individual with a federal offense and is most often prepared for trial when the decision is made.  For this reason, anyone who feels they are a target of a federal investigation should immediately consult with a federal criminal defense attorney.

The Judges

Federal cases are presided over by federal judges.  They are either Unites States Magistrate Judges or United States District Judges.  A magistrate judge will often be the first judge you appear in front of and may decide various pretrial matters.   United States District Judges are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Senate. A federal district court judge serves for life and can only be removed by being impeached by the Senate.


If convicted through a plea bargain or after a trial, federal sentences are imposed by the judge.  The sentence is based on the federal sentencing guidelines, and a host of many other technical, complex federal statutes.

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