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Texas Gun Laws

Texas has the reputation of being one of the most gun-friendly states in the U.S. Texas law permits almost anyone to purchase and possess a firearm in their home or stored in their vehicle. The number of Concealed Handgun Licensees in Texas is growing drastically.

There are also many laws in Texas to regulate where guns are allowed, what type of guns can be purchased, and to prevent certain people from owning or possessing guns. There are many designated gun free zones in Texas, including federal buildings, schools, racetracks, public sporting events, courts, airports, poling places, correctional facilities, and businesses that make more than 51% revenue from the sale of alcohol.   Concealed Handgun Licensees are prohibited from carrying a gun into these places. Also, CHL holders cannot carry a gun while intoxicated in public.  Convicted felons in Texas cannot buy, own or even possess a firearm, as well as, people facing crimes, under a protective order, alcohol or drug addicts and people with certain psychological diagnosis.

Types of Gun and Firearms Charges

A violation of gun laws can result in charges brought against a violator in both Federal and Texas courts. The penalties for Texas gun crimes range from misdemeanor level offense to felony crimes. If convicted of a gun or firearm crime in Texas, the penalty can be harsh and include jail time, sever fines as well as community supervision.

There are often good defenses for gun charges and firearm offenses. Hiring an experienced gun law attorney is critical in the begging stages of the investigation or charges. If you are being investigated for a crime involving a firearm, or if you have been arrested for any gun related offense, it is important to consult with an experienced gun and firearm defense lawyer. Contact Gary Redman to discuss your defense.

Open Carry Laws

As of January 1, 2016, Concealed Handgun Licensees are allowed to openly carry handguns in the same places that previously allowed concealed carrying, with only a few exceptions. A gun cannot be openly carried in places of higher education, these parking lots or sidewalks, or by an individual acting as a security officer under the Texas Occupation Code and not wearing a uniform.   The firearm is required to be in a belt or shoulder holster.   Existing CHL holders can openly carry a gun if they have a valid license without any additional “holster training.” However, new applicants are required to complete such training.

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